No prior experience is necessary --

all of our classes are suitable for students of all levels.

Each of our instructors brings their own unique experiences, education, and teaching style to the mat. As such, we are proud to offer you a wide array of classes, from gentle to invigorating, classical to modern. Learn more about our team here to find the perfect class, or click here to see the schedule!

Not sure which class is right for you? Please reach out -- we'd be happy to advise!

C L A S S   D E S C R I P T I O N S


Yoga Stretch

Coming Soon

Get curious as you stretch, strengthen, and maybe even sweat! EXPLORE classes invite you to tune in to the lived experience of being in your body through  a combination of mindful emphasis on breath with a thoughtful and creative flow of physical postures designed to energize and relax.


We start this journey slow, and then we build up heat with some strong, active postures, before settling in for a juicy period of relaxation. Aah!

Led by Aleksandra


Yoga at Home

Tuesdays at 7pm CET

Get grounded. CENTER classes are rooted in the teachings of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, and focus. Students will build a better understanding of their bodies and their movements, empowering the development of a safe and sustainable personal practice.

Meditation is an essential part of CENTER classes, and there's always a guided sitting meditation at the end of each session, following the simple techniques of just observing what is - observing our breath and the sensations in our bodies.

Led by Marija


Yoga Studio

Thursdays at 6pm CET

IGNITE classes follow the structure and pace of a strong Vinyasa class with an emphasis on awakening the subtle energies nestled within our physical body and igniting the love and passion in our hearts.


Students will build strength and practice tuning in to their great internal wisdom. A pinch of magic is added to every IGNITE class, whether it in a brief overview of the alignment of the stars, a little poem at the end of class, or a guided visualization.

Led by Alex


Woman Dancing

Sundays at 11am CET

RISE and SHINE. Start your Sunday with a little bit of lift. RISE classes feature a sweet, juicy flow infused with deep, grounding breath -- a perfect union of mind and body, heart and soul.

With gentle heart openers, focus-fueling balancing postures, and a chance to explore each edge, RISE classes are designed to provide just enough challenge to explore the space between the sweet and the spicy, the calm and the storm -- leaving you feeling more grounded, grateful, fulfilled, and inspired each week. 

Led by Danica


Image by Anton Shuvalov

Coming Soon

RESTORE is a calm and gentle the blend of slow-paced and grounded flowing practices, and restorative shapes, supported with blankets, blocks, or bolsters.


Invite your body to relax and your mind to unwind. As the body gently opens through slow and supported postures and movements, the brain gets a break from its usual information overload, and may slowly quiet down.


RESTORE is sequenced to activate energy pathways in the body, bring balance to the Chakra system, and invite mental peace... this is classic #selfcaresunday!

Led by Alex



Multiple weekly sessions

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise focused on increasing health and vitality by strengthening the core. Our Pilates classes emphasize posture and alignment to build strength and flexibility. These challenging mat classes help cultivate focus and discipline, and are a beautiful compliment to softer practices, like RESTORE.

Led by Olga

Pilates & Free Movement


Fridays at 7pm CET

Elements of improvisational, contemporary dance meet the disciplined structures of Pilates in this unique class created by professional dancer Olga Uzikaeva.


These Pilates/Dance fusion classes are designed to help you explore your authentic way of moving. Expect a great workout to groovy music, and a chance to express yourself and have fun dancing with other passionate movers.