Saturday, February 23| 12 - 3pm  | 1700rsd 

Come learn the basics of this deep, meditative, intentional yoga practice!


On a physical plane, postures (asanas) are held for longer periods in order to target connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and other fascia. By going beyond the musculature into the deeper holding spaces of the body, we cultivate flexibility, increase circulation, and help liberate the body from long-held tensions.


On a mental plane, this slow-moving practice helps us to cultivate greater body awareness, develop a mindfulness practice, and work intentionally with the breath.


In this way, on every level of being, Yin Yoga aims to stimulate healing on a deep level: by addressing the underlying causes of pain, discomfort and ongoing stress.


Yin Yoga is a beautiful compliment to a more active yoga practice or to other physically rigorous activities. Postures are practiced seated or reclining. This workshop is open to practitioners of all levels!


Space is limited. Please reserve your spot online using the form on this page, or by emailing us at info@avaniyogabgd.com. You can also give us a call at 069-222-1092.



Aurora Prelević trained in Yin and Anatomy with Paul Grilley, one of the first Western innovators of Yin Yoga. Grilley trained with original Yin Yoga founder Paulie Zink, a master martial artist who developed Taoist yoga from China into a training modality for his students in America, who often possessed great strength but little

flexibility. Grilley further incorporated Traditional Chinese Medicine

principles, aligning concepts of energy flow—qi and meridians—with their parallels in Indian yoga—prana and nadis, which flow along the chakras.

Aurora's training spans Restorative, Hatha,  and classical Ashtanga yoga, but Yin Yoga is her favourite to teach. She loves guiding students through this medicinal and meditative practice, incorporating layers of body, mind and soul. Aurora also has extensive experience with meditation and contemporary improvisational dance. She is emphatic about the therapeutic power of movement and somatics. Learn more about Aurora here!

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