Tanja Tomazin fell in love with yoga  because she found that the flexibility, joy, and trust cultivated in the practice made her feel like a child again. To her, yoga, as well as every other devoted harmonious movement of the body with the mind, is a way of letting our inner Peter Pan (and everybody has one) fly free. Tanja is a bit of a dreamer and a big believer - she believes in simplicity, nature, the law of attraction, and a “crazy little thing called love.” 


Tanja comes from a big family of six brothers and sisters, which has greatly influenced her character, and taught her never to underestimate the power of good humour. In her teaching, she strives to help students connect to their inherent lightness of being and warmth, that inner voice that tells you everything is and will be just fine. And that sometimes, maybe just sometimes, we would all do well to take life a little less seriously. 

Tanja moved to Serbia from Slovenia four years ago, and earned her certificate in Hatha Yoga Dragan Lončar’s Vidya Yoga School in Belgrade. Thereafter, she immersed herself in the physically dynamic practices of hot power yoga. In her classes, you will be encouraged to explore your own ways of being, to relax, and to allow yourself to be playful, thankful, and proud of who you are.

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