The Nebulous Pisces New Moon

A Portal to Our Dreams and Visions

On the morning of Saturday, March 13, the New Moon will illuminate Pisces' constellation and cast a vivid ray of light onto our dreams and visions.

The divine Fish is the most mystical and least understood sign of the Zodiac. The secret behind the unspoken mystery that often envelops Pisces is the beautiful complexity of this sign.

If we look at the Zodiac's mandala, or the twelve-part circle, we'll notice that the Fish closes the loop. Up in the sky, the Zodiac is not a perfect circle. The constellations are edgeless, and they intersect. From one continues the other, and the flow of energy and light never stops. There's an essential rule to this continuous movement: each constellation that comes next encompasses the one that precedes. After Aries, Taurus contains Aries and themselves. The Gemini includes Aries and Taurus, and so on. When we come to the last sign, Pisces, they have already taken in the whole Zodiac. Each of us becomes part of the Pisces's infinite sea, and we are all revealed in the luminescence of their waters.

The key to understanding Pisces is in the act of connecting to our shared essence, in diving into the sea of the universal consciousness.

To initiate this connection, we must surrender to the unknown, invisible, inexplicable. We must silence the mind to let the heart speak. We must study our dreams. And there is no better time in the year for this adventure than during the New Moon in Pisces, when the mystical becomes real.

Pisces' spirit is hidden in the Earth's large bodies of water: oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. These waters cannot serve their purpose unless we contain them in a vessel of our choosing. Drinking water needs to be poured into a glass before consuming, and the same applies to the waters of Pisces. We'll all find a physical conduit to materialize this energy – some through art, some through science, some through the healing arts, or through helping others.

When we look at Pisces' symbol, we see two fish swimming in the opposite directions: heads touching tails. This image represents the joining of the dualities, spirit, and matter into a whole. Similar we see in the symbol of Yin Yang. Each holds a piece of the other, and only together are they perfect. Pisces represents the joining of spirit and matter.

It is essential to understand that with Pisces, we end the centuries-old delusion of dualities (male and female, right and wrong, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, day and night). We surrender to the possibility that the nebulous concept of spirit is no longer seen as separate but embedded in all matter and every being.

Pisces, Embodied

In the body, the Pisces energy is located in our feet. When Zodiac begins with Aries, we start from the head, and now we end with feet. If we fold our bodies head to toes, we'll make a circle similar to one the two Fish create. Let's think of our feet for a moment. Let's take the shoes and socks off and look at them. There are almost thirty small bones, over twenty joints, and eleven sets of intrinsic muscles in each foot. And on the soles, energy centers are corresponding to all parts and organs of our body. The weight-bearing feet that hold us upright and distinguish the human race from all other species represent our connection -- not only to the Earth we walk on, but to ourselves. Each millimeter of our feet is a portal to somewhere else.

However, we neglect our feet. We hide them and torture them with tight socks and uncomfortable shoes. We rarely dedicate time to their care. Our connection to the divine world of Pisces starts somewhere between toes and heels. It is that simple. If we stand barefoot on the sand, stone, or the grass, we'll energize from the Earth, and then, when we look up toward the Sun and the Moon, we'll receive the light. If we dip our feet into the body of water, we'll connect with the universal flow. Our bodies are the containers where energy is stored. When we need to recharge our power, we turn to Nature. During the New Moon in Pisces, the energy comes in through feet.

Besides the feet, the energy of Pisces resides in the liver. In traditional Astrology, long before the planet Neptune (today associated with Pisces) was spotted in the sky, Jupiter had been considered the planetary ruler of this sign. And although today, we add Neptune into the equation, Jupiter still influences the Fish's divine world. Jupiter rules the liver where, according to the traditional Chinese medicine teachings, lives the Hun. The Hun, or the spirit of the liver, is responsible for our dreams and visions. The Hun helps us take messages from the universal consciousness and organize them into ideas, plans, and actionable steps.

The New Moon in Pisces is the last new moon before the Equinox, which makes this time perfect for healing anything we need to heal in our bodies, minds, or hearts before the awakening of the Spring.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Take inventory of your fears and try to let go of one of them. Stand by a body of water close to your home and give your fear away to the Pisces spirit.

  2. Write down your recent dreams and see if there's a message for you in those stories.

  3. Journal about your visions for the future, trusting that by the time the Aries New Moon rises in the sky, you will know which actionable steps you can take towards realizing your dreams.

  4. Free yourself from the pressure of "doing" and surrender to the experience of "being."

You don't need anything but your time and willingness to give your feet love and care. Anything you do will help the energy flow.

As for the Hun, the spirit of the liver,

I created a Yin Yoga class focused on the Liver Meridian that you can practice under the Pisces New Moon. The practice is my gift to you. I hope it will give you just what you need before the new Spring. Before playing the video, gather some props you can find in your home: a blanket or two, a bolster or couch pillows, blocks or thick books (cookbooks or dictionaries). Find a body oil or lotion for the self-foot massage and make yourself comfortable.

I've curated a playlist that will add atmosphere if you need it, available on Spotify and YouTube. Yin Yoga is a quiet practice, and some yogis prefer to stay in silence.

Happy New Moon, with starry blessings,

Alexandra Panic

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