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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The Great Conjunction and the New Age of the Aquarius

A guest post from our resident Astro-Yogi, Alexandra Panic.

When will this end? has been the most asked question of 2020.

As a life-long student of Astrology, I knew that 2020 would bring unprecedented challenges, not only to me personally, but to humankind. (Although, like everyone, I had no idea what could happen!) A year ago, on December 13, 2019, I hosted my first Astrology-meets-Yoga workshop in Seattle, Washington. In this workshop, we talked about boundaries: physical, emotional, symbolic. I guided students to feel the constraints of their bodies: the limitations of their bones, the tightness of their muscles, the maximum range of their connective tissues, and, later, to experience the liberation and lightness inside each breath cycle. I somehow knew that the verb: to breathe would be significant throughout 2020, and I chose it as my word for the upcoming year. My intuition told me that the word to breathe would change us all.

The year 2020 is the last in a 200-year cycle in which Saturn and Jupiter meet in Earth signs. We can look back at the period from 1820 to 2020, peering into history to prepare for the future. Earth, our home planet, is associated with the Mother archetype, with fertility and birth as well as decay and death. During the last 200-year Saturn-Jupiter cycle, our societies have grown as never before. We have also led atrocious wars, invented nuclear weapons with the power to destroy the whole planet, and kept poisoning the only home we have. We grew arrogant and violent, and we imagined that humankind is separate from, and superior to, Nature.

In Saturn’s latest trip around the Sun (the previous three decades), we let the new generations spend more time on their electronic devices than with their feet touching the ground. We separated from the Earth and its fertile soil, from our origins, from ancestral wisdom. With the turn of the new millennium, by chasing greater progress in technology and entrepreneurship, we forgot about the incredible social growth we had experienced in the last two centuries. We became polarized as never before, and allowed the ignorant to lead us forward.

That the uncontrollable spread of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 happened in 2020 is somehow fitting, because 2020 is the end of this cycle. It has led not only to the tragic deaths of 1.6 million of our fellow humans, but also to the death of old ways of being. I see the virus as a metaphor for our obliviousness. We failed in our attempts to stop it from spreading. We failed because we grew apart from ourselves, our primordial wisdom, and our planet. The Western idea of individualism and personal gain enchanted us all. I am not immune. I have said and believed that I could succeed on my own. The truth is: I am, and we are, social beings, and we need to work together. We live to share feelings, knowledge, and experience. Isolation is a death sentence for humanity.

We must forgive ourselves for buying into the idea that one can soar above the tribe, and that one should soar above the tribe. We are on this planet together, and going forward, we must heal the separations among humans and between humans and our Mother Earth. We must make sacrifices for her, and for each other, rather than insisting on our individualism, which will only drag out, extend, and amplify this period of isolation we are all forced to bear.

From the Astrologer's angle, the year 2020 suited introverts and meditative minds. People born in the constellations of Cancer and Capricorn, or anyone whose chart emphasizes these signs, might have managed through the challenges with more ease. Everybody experienced difficulties and losses, but everyone confronted them differently. All signs had to be creative, reinvent their way of living, and learn the art of stillness. In the meantime, the only entity that surpassed Capricorn’s boundaries, supported by Jupiter’s expansive energy, was the virus itself. Uncontainable. Inexplicable. Untreatable. The mirror of our intellectual decay.

Even though they are more than 400 million miles apart, on December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky and appear to be joined, as if they were forming a new celestial body. The Great Conjunction will occur on zero degrees of Aquarius (this placement amplifies the idea of rebirth), which will usher us in to the new 200-year cycle, the new age. In the next two centuries, the two planets will meet in Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra), which will open us up for revolutionary transformations. Air signs strive for connections, equality, and intellectual growth. We will witness innovations and restructuring in science, medicine, technology, and most importantly, humanitarianism. On a personal level, everything one learned in 2020 will now be shared with the world.

Although 2020 will end in a few weeks, and with it, the Capricorn imprisonment, this transition will only mark the beginning of the renaissance. We will have the next 200 years to tune in, listen, learn, and grow.

Alexandra will be hosting a virtual Yoga & Astrology workshop on Friday, December 18 to help body and mind release old ways of being, and prepare to step into the New Age. If you'd like to join us, or for more info, get in touch at

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