Nevena completed her certification in Belgrade through the Yoga Federation of Serbia. She had initially signed up for teacher training in order to deepen her own practice. But after teaching her very first class, she realized, “Wow, this is who I am!” Armed with a profound sense of purpose, Nevena has grown into a creative, patient and passionate teacher.


For Nevena, yoga is a path to the Self. It is a means of recognizing and honouring one’s authentic nature, in both its negative and positive aspects. Yoga allows us to differentiate between learned patterns of thought and behaviour that have been reinforced over the course of a lifetime, and those that radiate from the inner being. Nevena believes that in illuminating the journey to the Self, yoga also lights the path to freedom. She has a deep reverence for her students and their unique journeys of transformation.


Many people find that Nevena’s classes produce calm and focus through their peaceful and reverent exploration of classical asanas.

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