Ivana brings years of yoga, meditation, guided relaxation and therapy training into her classes.  Through her yoga and psychotherapy studies (Body Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis), and the application of this knowledge to daily life, she found that old conditioning is what holds us back from experiencing the present moment as it really is. It is this learning that Ivana brings into all of her teachings. She aims to enable her students to see past their old stories, freeing them up to experience the truth - the moment as it is now. 

vana visited India three times, and she practiced with many teachers, including Rolf and Marcy Naujokat, David Swenson, Laruga Glaser, Sharat Jois, Gabriele Severini, Yogacharye Venkatesha and many more. She very much respects all of her teachers.


Ivana's classes are suitable for everyone, whether you're new to meditation and relaxation practices or have a regular practice already. She teaches in English and Serbian. 


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