Aleksandra Panić was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, where she studied Italian language and literature. In her early twenties, she published three collections of poetry and worked as a language teacher, journalist, and copywriter.

In 2009, Aleksandra and her husband moved to Seattle, Washington, to explore the world of new
possibilities. However, she couldn’t have known that after she had lost her languages, she’d lose
the ability to live and work as a writer. In the state she named In-Between-Languages, Aleksandra
spent years learning, trying, failing, and starting over.

It was the yoga practice, or the language of the body and breath, that brought movements back to Aleksandra’s body and mind. She kept coming back to her mat, and simultaneously, she kept
showing up in front of the blank Word document, trying both to strengthen her muscles and
improve her writing skills in the foreign language.

Over the years of breathing the fresh Seattle air, she became a mother of two girls, and when
they were six and two, she graduated with the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. 
In 2016, Aleksandra started teaching women to write and, soon after, she decided to take her first
Yoga Teacher Training Program at Sangha Yoga in Seattle. When she became a yoga teacher,
Aleksandra was finally able to “yoke” all the different parts of herself and bring all her various
interests into one practice.

Aleksandra believes that our bodies hold stories, and she’s always searching for new ways to
release them. She has a unique way of looking at the universe and bringing the shapes she finds
in the sky into her physical practice. Using her knowledge of astrology, she creates each yoga
class as a reflection of what is going on between celestial bodies. She loves teaching an intense
Vinyasa class to awaken the creative fire, and she finishes each class with elements of Yin. 

From 2020, Aleksandra is back in Belgrade and excited to meet you and share her knowledge.

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